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The Sound of Surrender: A Day of Revival with the Fellowship Band

In the serene town of Prescott, AZ, a stirring event unfolded this past Sunday, as the Salvation Army Southwest Division Fellowship Band led the worship service at the local Prescott Corps. Under the direction of Bandmaster Marlon A. Jones, and with the inspiring message delivered by Lt. Colonel Lisa Smith, the day was themed “The Sound of Surrender: When Worship Leads to Revival,” resonating deeply with all who attended.

The band, a vibrant blend of Salvationists from five different corps within the Southwest Division and several non-Salvationist members, filled the hall with majestic brass sounds that elevated the worship experience. Approximately 60 individuals, including the band members, gathered to partake in and witness this unique expression of faith.

From the very beginning, the band was integral to the service. They set the tone with beautiful preludes, and throughout the service, they supported congregational singing, played during the offertory, and provided special music. The ensemble's participation didn’t just accompany the service; it enhanced the thematic message of surrender and revival.

Lt. Colonel Lisa Smith's sermon was particularly poignant, structured around three key biblical insights drawn from 2nd Chronicles 20, which provided a roadmap for handling life's immense challenges through spiritual commitment:

  1. Fix your Gaze (2nd Chronicles 20:6-12): Emphasizing the importance of focusing on the Almighty in the face of adversity.

  2. Sing God’s Praise (2nd Chronicles 20: 18-22, 26-28): Encouraging a joyful response to God’s greatness, regardless of circumstances.

  3. Stand Firm and Obey (2nd Chronicles 20:16-17, 20): A call to steadfast faithfulness and obedience to God’s will.

These principles guided the congregation not just in worship but in contemplating deeper life applications, urging an inward and outward expression of faith that could lead to personal and communal revival.

This event wasn't merely a Sunday service; it was a pivotal moment of unity and spiritual rejuvenation for the Prescott community, enhanced by the resonant sounds of the Fellowship Band. As the echoes of their brass instruments faded, the message of surrender and revival lingered in the hearts of all who were present, a testament to the power of worship and the enduring spirit of the Salvation Army's ministry.

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