Things you'll need...

Here are things you'll need for your class!

1. Video Conference Device with Internet Connection 

Since our classes are all online, you'll need a device with Zoom Video Conferencing Software installed. (We recommend a laptop computer or a tablet) You'll also need a stable internet connection.

2. Your Instrument

You'll need your instrument based on the lessons you've signed up for. (Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, Trumpet, etc.)  If you play an electronic instrument, you'll need speakers so that your instructor can hear what you are playing.

3. Note-taking Tools

Your teacher may ask you to take notes. You'll need a PENCIL and NOTEBOOK.

4. Ability to Print Lesson Material

Most of the lesson materials will be in a File Share Folder on our web site. You'll need the ability to PRINT the materials (when asked by the instructor) for your class. Some materials are copyrighted and may need to be purchased.

5. Consent Form

Your child's safety is very important to us. We ask that you read (very carefully) and give permission for us to teach your child online. This has to be done before we are allowed to teach your child. CONSENT FORM (NOTE: We’ll be recording all lessons to keep your child and our instructors safe (under the PTM policy.)