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 Music Day Camp...

M3 Camp


The Valley of the Sun Area: - JUNE 21 - 25, 2021

Monday - Friday | 9 AM - 3 PM 

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6010 W Northern Ave

Glendale, AZ 85301

Tucson Area:- JULY 12 - 16, 2021

Monday - Friday | 9 AM - 3 PM 

Contact Us for Camp Fees

218 E Prince Rd

Tucson, AZ 85705


​The Southwest Mobile Music Ministry offers a fun way to introduce kids to music and (more importantly) God. This program is created to jump-start the music and youth programs in the corps.


The Southwest Mobile Music Ministry is specifically designed for young people ages 7 - 14 who are interested in piano, guitar, brass, etc. All levels of experience are encouraged to participate.


It provides an opportunity for kids to learn new instruments, sing in a chorus, and just generally have a great time making music with others.


The Program offers specialized instruction, introducing your child to new musical skills and ideas. All types of music and musical expression make this camp a truly unique experience for any child interested in beginning music studies or continuing to increase their own skills.

  • Brass (e.g. Trumpet, etc.)

  • Keyboard/Piano

  • Guitar

  • Dance


  • Crafts

  • Choir Chimes

  • Percussions

  • Ukulele

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Frequently asked questions

What is the cost?

Our Music Day Camp fee at our Glendale location is $10 per child, at our Tucson location the cost is $50 per child. (meals are included)

How do I register my child?

Fill in the registration form with all requested information (including Main and Elective Classes). You can either scan and upload form, or hand deliver form to Day Camp location.

What form of payments will you accept?

You are able to pay either by cash or check. Payment is due no later than the first day of the Camp.

What is the Music Day Camp schedule?

We start at 9:00AM with registration, and the kids are dismissed at 3:00PM.

Is lunch provided?

Yes! Lunch and snacks are provided.

What are your COVID-19 Protocols?

All personal entering our Day Camp facilities should sign in using our “COVID-19 SCREENING” form during Check-In. NOTE: If a visitor answers “YES” to any of the questions on the questionnaire, the visitor will be advised to not enter for the safety of others. Masks will be worn at all times (except during brass band, choir, and meals). Social distancing will also be implemented in each class. Students and staff members will be asked to use the provided hand sanitizer when entering classrooms.

Do my kid need to bring an instrument?

No. All instruments will be provided during the Music Day Camp. If your child has an instrument, they are most welcome to bring it with them (please label personal instruments.)

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