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ENCORE! is an exhilarating annual music and performing arts competition/festival held by the Salvation Army USA Western Territory, aimed at encouraging youth and young adults' participation in their local corps. This vibrant event serves as a significant platform for showcasing talent across the divisions, with finalists from divisional competitions going head-to-head during the highly anticipated Salvation Army Commissioning weekend. ENCORE! stands out not just as a competition but as a beacon of personal growth and communal engagement, offering myriad life lessons and developmental opportunities.

Participants in ENCORE! gain invaluable experience in developing self-assurance and confidence. It teaches young people the critical importance of preparation and the art of presenting themselves positively. For those involved in group acts, ENCORE! illuminates the essence of collaborative creativity, demonstrating how each member’s contribution is vital to the group's overall performance.

The materials utilized for ENCORE! are considered among the best, serving as a free resource that can be integrated into church activities. This initiative is especially friendly to various skill levels, group sizes, and ages, making it an accessible avenue for engaging corps youth. All it requires to kickstart this involvement is leadership, typically provided by someone within the corps with the support of the Divisional Music Director.

An essential aspect of ENCORE! is its community-supported nature. Each year, divisional finalists engage in fundraising activities to cover their expenses to the Territorial Championship, highlighting the event's communal support and investment in youth development. Those interested in supporting ENCORE! can contribute by contacting the Divisional Music Director, Marlon Jones, at

The next Divisional competition is scheduled for April 6th, 2024, starting at 9:00 AM at the Salvation Army Mesa Citadel, located at 241 E 6th St, Mesa, AZ 85201-5123. This event promises to be a showcase of talent, dedication, and community spirit, reflecting the Salvation Army's commitment to nurturing the next generation's skills and confidence.

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