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Youth Creative Council - Southwest Music and Arts


The Salvation Army Youth Creative Council (YCC) - Southwest Music and Arts serves as a dynamic platform for young individuals to actively participate and shape the future of Music and Creative Arts within the Southwest Division. This initiative is not only a testament to our commitment to youth involvement but also an integral part of our mission to nurture Christian leaders, foster community bonds, and sustain innovative and relevant programs.


Before applying, please read the YCC Guidelines.


Purpose and Mission

The YCC aims to represent the voices of young people in the realm of Music and Arts in the Southwest, influencing key decisions and developments in this sector. Our mission is to cultivate Christian leadership, community engagement, and to ensure the continual evolution and relevance of our programs, empowering our youth to contribute insights and perspectives.

Membership Composition

The council will consist of approximately 10-15 members, aged between 14-25 years. Importantly, it is an expectation that every individual who is a part of any Territorial Group (WTSB, WTSS, TYC, TYB, WCAE) and meets this age criterion will take on the responsibility of serving as a member of the council.  The YCC will operate under the guidance of the Southwest Divisional Music Director, Marlon Jones.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Age: 14-25 years.

  • Status: Active Salvation Army Soldier or Adherent in good standing.

  • Approval: Application endorsed by respective corps officers.

  • Skills: Demonstrated artistic/musical talent in their respective fields.

Have you thoroughly read through the YCC Guidelines?

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