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Salvationist Musicians from the Southwest Division Shine in the 2024 Rose Parade

Updated: Jan 2

In the heart of Southern California, amidst the vibrant colors, cheerful crowds, and enchanting floats of the 2024 Rose Parade, a united group of Salvationist from the Southwest Division came together to showcase their passion for music and their unwavering support for the Southern California Division. This dynamic ensemble consisted of 13 individuals, each bringing their unique talents and dedication to the forefront.

Here are the individuals who proudly represented the Southwest Division in the 2024 Rose Parade, along with the corps they hailed from:

  1. Caileb Church - (Tucson AMPHI)

  2. Alexander Church - (Tucson AMPHI)

  3. Vanessa García - (Las Cruces)

  4. Tristan Edelman - (North West Valley)

  5. Terry Mizan - (Phoenix Citadel)

  6. Susanna Kamara - (Phoenix Citadel)

  7. Mariano Almada Fitz - (Las Cruces)

  8. Isaac White - (Mesa Citadel)

  9. Andrew Smith - (Flagstaff)

  10. Eden Wild - (Phoenix Kroc)

  11. *Mia Gutierrez - (Santa Fe)

  12. Major Gaylene Yardley - (DHQ)

  13. Lt. Colonel Ivan Wild (Divisional Commander) - (DHQ)

(*Not in photo)

The 2024 Rose Parade was a momentous occasion for the Southwest Division's Salvationist. Their participation not only celebrated the power of music but also highlighted the Southern California Division's dedication to serving the community. The Salvation Army's commitment to spreading joy, hope, and compassion was beautifully expressed through their harmonious melodies and vibrant presence.

We're excited to share with you a group photo of these talented musicians, capturing the joy and enthusiasm they brought to the Rose Parade:

Additionally, we have a video of their spectacular performance during the parade, which we invite you to watch:

The 2024 Rose Parade served as a testament to the power of music and community, with Salvationist musicians from the Southwest Division standing at the forefront, making their mark on this cherished tradition. Their dedication to spreading love and positivity through their music continues to inspire us all.

Congratulations to the Southwest Division participants for their outstanding performance, and thank you for representing the Salvation Army with such grace and talent in the 2024 Rose Parade!

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