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All Star Weekend with the Territorial Youth Band, Chorus, and Worship Team

This past weekend, I had the privilege of being part of an inspiring gathering in Seattle, Washington, where the Territorial Youth Band, Territorial Youth Chorus, and Territorial Worship Team came together for a series of rehearsals and ministry. Our group, numbering approximately 90 members with leaders from across the Western Territory, included talented young musicians dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Among our delegation from the Southwest Division were Isaac White on Soprano Cornet, Caileb Church on Euphonium, Emmanuel Nsingani on Lead Guitar, and myself, Marlon Jones, on Bass Guitar.

We kicked off the weekend last Friday, meeting in Seattle to begin what would be a deeply fulfilling series of rehearsals and performances. The rehearsals started on Friday evening under the capable leadership of Bandmaster Neil Smith for the band, Bandmaster Evan Figueras for the chorus, and Phil Laeger, our guest from Nashville, for the worship team. The dedication and passion from each leader were palpable, setting the tone for a weekend of heartfelt worship and music.

After a night of rest and great accommodations at Salvation Army Camp Arnold, we continued our rehearsals on Saturday, each group honing their skills and preparing to share their music with the community. The hard work culminated in a joint concert on Saturday evening at the Seattle Temple Corps, where both the band and chorus showcased their talents. The music, ranging from uplifting to deeply contemplative, touched the hearts of all who attended.

Sunday morning brought the opportunity to join in worship at different corps. The band brought its musical offerings to the Federal Way Corps, while the chorus and worship team served at the Seattle White Center Corps. It was a moving experience to see how music could bridge the gap between the earthly and the divine, drawing people closer to God. The presentations of both groups were not just displays of musical talent but acts of worship that encouraged attendees to deepen their relationship with God.

The weekend was more than just a series of events; it was a testament to the power of music in ministry and the spirit of unity among the young musicians of the Western Territory. Sharing the great news of Jesus Christ with the people of Seattle through our music was an honor and a reminder of the impact that heartfelt worship can have on a community.

As we all returned home after the worship services, there was a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the opportunity to have been part of such a meaningful weekend. The All Star Weekend was indeed a special time, not only for the participants but for all who were touched by the music and the message it conveyed. It was a vivid demonstration of how the universal language of music can bring us closer to God and to one another.

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